1) The First Post

When someone tells you they sew, you probably imagine that they spend hours hunched over a table in a corner that looks something like this:

A dark corner crammed with scissors, rulers, scraps of fabric and other mysterious objects that you don’t even know the names of.

Imagine that the weather outside is nice but you are feeling creative. You have to choose between going outside and enjoying the sun, or sitting in the dark corner with the sewing machine. I think that is a shame and want to change that! Wouldn’t it be great if you could go outside, to the park or even the beach, take your fabrics and make something there and then? Of course it would be great!

This is however easier said than done. Your sewing machine, like mine, could probably have a successful second life as a prop in strongman events. Then comes all the other stuff you need like electricity, pins, needles, various old biscuit tins full of junk and more pins to replace the ones that you will lose. If you want to sew outside, the prospects seem so bleak that you’d be better advised to stop reading this and find a donkey.

I want to make sewing in the fresh air possible and this site will chronicle my ideas in this journey and what comes out at the end of it. I am excited to see where it leads us.