2) The cycle of problems and solutions

tags: bike

To do any sewing, you’re certainly going to need a table. As tables are generally not so portable, some thought is required on this one… After a while I came up with the idea to mount my sewing machine on the back of my bike. Here you have the advantage that the bike takes the load of the machine and other gubbins while the whole setup is easily transportable - the perfect solution, at least in theory.

The second issue is one of power - the sewing machine has to run off of something, be it electricity or human power. I decided to opt for the latter after I found a nice treadle powered sewing machine on ebay. All that is left to do is attach it to the bicycle, which could look something like this

If I were more thoughtful and less enthusiastic I would have realised that such a contraption is monstrously heavy. If I were not a total moron, I would’ve been able to figure out that with the machine over the back wheel like so, the bike would become very difficult to ride and manoeuvre. And all that is without the treadle mechanism.


I still think that the whole bike mounted concept is fine; now the main problem is finding a sewing machine that isn’t preposterous heavy.